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Ode to Baily
(by his mom, Laura)

Running streets in Western PA; Couldn’t seem to find his way
Thinning body patchy hair; Learning life can be unfair
In a Shelter numbered days; Lonely dogs in separate bays
A caring worker searched the logs; And called the Ones who love red dogs
Baily’s network started there; It grew just like his patchy hair
He moved a bit from place to place; While setter ladies made his case
“Baily’s good” they always said; These ladies loved the dogs of red
Briefly landed in a home; Only to return alone
Some things are not meant to be; Baily thinks “What’s wrong with me?”
The Shelter’s gone thank God for that; And I am fed, I get my pats
My crate is clean, they wash my face; They give a loving warm embrace
But I can tell it’s not my home; I want a Mom to call my own
And who would know what was in store; a lady down in Baltimore
Was searching on a google site; And ran across my crazy plight

She had a red dog many years; Who passed in spring, which left her tears
She has another little red; But I know math, that leaves one bed
In chatting with the other pups; We all agreed, that something’s up
Anticipation surely growing; My foster Mommy’s face is glowing
A few days later my new Mom and friend;  Began to put my heart on the mend 
They drove up North packed me up in the car; And all the way home made me feel like a star
Now I got a chip,. And I got a tag; I got a huge crate with a big down bag
My water’s cold and my food taste great; Got a shadow box fence with a big wood gate
I have a little sister who don’t mind the play; But best of all, I’ve been asked to stay!

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