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Story Of Chauncy 

What can I say, Iím Joan Fiser and you have read some of the other stories from my rescues Duffy and Paddy. I have a story to tell and itís about an old female Irish Setter named Chauncy. She is from the state of Indiana. The rescue person out that way is Jolee Chartrand. It was back in September of 2005 that I decided I could take on another older gray-faced Irish in need of a home. I have always loved giving a home to the older dogs. I was given the name of the foster mom of Chauncy and talked to her and set up to pick up Chauncy later that month. Chauncy was in bad health. She had ear problems, lumps on her mammary glands, lump in her mouth and a lump on her back leg. Chauncy was owned by a man named Ed. He left Chauncy in a boarding kennel while he went out of state to find a job and to relocate. He never intended to take Chauncy. The boarding kennel was going to put her down but a kind soul did tell them about Irish Setter rescue and that is how Jolee got involved. Their rescue did not provide for spending money on such an older dog. They did not know if she had cancer or not. I told them I would take care of all vet expenses once she got home to me. I had called my vet and set up an appointment as soon as got her home. I was making plans to pick her up and getting excited as anyone picking up new dog. I received a phone call one afternoon and was told to call the foster mom. I did, and it had seemed Chauncy wanted to leave her foster mom before her time. Chauncy ran away!!! Everyone was sorry that this had happened.  They where looking and calling all around town for her. I told them to let me know when they found her and would remake our plans. Chauncy is an old dog with health problems I figured the old girl just wanted to wonder off to die in peace.  

Weeks passed and Jolee called me wanting to know if I wanted another dog. I said, ďLets just waitĒ. Well folks, they donít call Thanksgiving a holiday of giving thanks for nothing! Chauncy was found and picked up by the local shelter. Thanks for the posters and calls they knew to call Jolee. I guess Chauncy was really hurting with her ears very, very bad. I gave Jolee my credit card number and she took Chauncy to the vetís to be treated. I picked the darling up on Dec 4th. As Iím writing this, she is laying on the leather sofa in front of the fire. She has had surgery to remove 3 of the four lumps. All where bio'd and came back cancerous. She is living a well deserved comfort life of Riley. Her coat of red and gray matches my other senior dogs, all of whom are also sleeping in front of the warm fire. I will continue to help the senior dogs one dog at a time as time lets me. Please help those who canít help themselves.

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