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The members of the  Golden Triangle Irish Setter club extend their deepest sympathies to Joan Fiser on the loss of her boy "Duffy"
(5/18/95 - 7/24/06). 
Thank you Joan for giving this boy such a good home - May the Shamrocks fall softly for this old boy.

 Hello My Name Is Duffy

My first owner was a Mr. Duffy from West Virginia. I was bought as a show dog from a very good kennel in Michigan. Mr. Duffy had then retired and he and his wife remodeled their house and I had a good life playing in the yard. Then when the house was done, I guess you could say I was too. I just did not fit into the plans of retirement or the new carpet?? I was never shown for I grew to be a big boy. The wife gave me to family that lived closer to town. I learned how to get away and the people gave me back to the Duffyís household. Then I ended up in a kennel, the days of running and playing stopped A nice lady by the name of Judy happen to be at this kennel and heard my story. She knew of a Joan Fiser in Western PA who helped Irish setters in need. It was a hot June day, I was just over a year old when I went to Joanís house. I had to stay in the car while Judy did a quick home visit. I could see for myself while sitting in the crate in the back of the van - it looked good to me. A fenced in yard and another doggie! A red dog none the less!! Well, I was taken out, met Joan and introduced to my Irish sister Megan. Itís been 10 years now, Iíve grown gray along with Joan and she helps me up the steps and on to the bed. I donít run the fence line like I did, now I just stand and let that school bus pass me, but I do bark at it. Itís nice to know Iíve had a forever home in Western PA.

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