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This is truly a heart warming story...Wagner the Irish was turned in to a kill shelter, by his owners, at age 9 1/2 years, weighing only 48 pounds and full of parasites. The owners stated there were many changes in their home, and the dog became “destructive”.  We think insecure is more like it!  He was fostered in a kennel for several months, and then went to a new foster home where he just blossomed!  He was placed with an elderly gentleman, age 86 who had lost his wife, and wanted companionship. These two “old timers” found each other, and it was a match made in heaven. Wagner has been a perfect boy since he arrived! They adored each other, and this was the placement that just touched the hearts of everyone in our club!

Bill became ill on May 25th, and before leaving for the hospital, called Coleen to pick Wagner up and care for him until he was able to care for Wagner again. Sadly, that day never came. Bill passed away that weekend. Wagner (as he often was when Bill was away) is back with his beloved Coleen, who has agreed to care for him, as per Bill's wishes, for the remainder of Wagner's life. We have been truly blessed to have known Bill, and his passing was mourned by everyone in the club. Wagner was able to say a final goodbye, and we hope it has helped him find closure. In a final demonstration of his love and devotion to Wagner, references to his dear friend were visible throughout the viewing at the funeral home. Photos of Wagner were displayed, and on Bill's memorial card, there was a picture of his departed wife, and beside her of Wagner.

May the shamrocks fall softly for this dear sweet man.

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