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Laura Williams

We are celebrating,,,, Whoooo,,, 3 years in a forever home. Mom and I have shared lots of thoughts about our first day together. We felt a good time to dig into our library and pull out her very first poem about ME.

We've shared time and I sit by her side as she recounts her life change to invite me in. Do you all know that I was simply found on a google website? That my Mom's friend said "this boy seems perfect for you. He's a challenge but you are truly the one to make this work." Mom said that she fell in love with me way before we met. The website had a google picture of me in my finest... with hearts around my face, with a sign "Looking for Love." And we did find love.

Of course the Red Ladies checked her out. They knew the yard had a fence, they read her stories and saw her Shannon Tattoo. The knew it was a match, my Uncle Jake knew it was a match, and I'm sure Mom did too. She was just a little afraid to try again. Her journey to Pittsburgh, even before we laid eyes on each other was a sweet one. Love was brewing with the girls and the connection and the clear understanding that this was going to be a true commitment.

Mom said when she entered Aunt Coleen's house, several red dogs came to her. One, in particular looked very close to her Shannon who had passed. There was a moment that she was afraid. Meeting new people, being upset to see a Shannon look-a-like. She regrouped and the girls took her to the basement where the dogs were let out to greet. I was one of them. I looked so good and was so friendly it was an easy match. Uncle Jake even said "it that OUR boy, because he's beautiful."

The grown ups all went to dinner that night. They shared stories and began friendships that to this day are among my Mom's greatest blessings. Mom said when she got back to the hotel she didn't sleep much that night because she wanted me. In the morning she picked me up. Aunt Joan gave Mom a yummy box of chocolate pretzels. Yes, Aunt Joan, Mom remembers those yummy pretzels.

Mom tucked me into the car. We drove home to Baltimore. Mom and Jake sang to me and stopped a couple of times to walk me around. They just started loving me right away. I got my first song that day. "Here I am Bailey,,, Signed sealed delivered I'm yours". We've been singing ever since.

So, without further adue,,, I hope this prelude serves as a great reminder to how we joined and became a family member of GTISC. For those who didn't know our story, please enjoy Mom's words and understanding of how happy I was right away. I was in my new house about a month.

Here is my Mom's "Ode to Bailey." from February, 2007.
Ode to Bailey ~~~Laura Williams
Running streets in West PA
Couldn’t seem to find his way
Thinning body patchy hair
Learning life can be unfair
In a Shelter numbered days
Lonely dogs in separate bays
A caring worker searched the logs
And called the Ones who love red dogs
Bailey’s network started there
It grew just like his patchy hair
He moved a bit from place to place
While setter ladies made his case
“Bailey’s good” they always said
These ladies loved the dogs of red
Briefly landed in a home
Only to return alone
Some things are not meant to be
Bailey thinks “What’s wrong with me?”
The Shelter’s gone thank God for that
And I am fed, I get my pats
My crate is clean, they wash my face
They give a loving warm embrace
But I can tell it’s not my home
I want a Mom to call my own
And who would know what was in store
a lady down in Baltimore
Was searching on a google site
And ran across my crazy plight
She had a red dog many years
Who passed in spring, which left her tears
She has another little red
But I know math, that leaves one bed
In chatting with the other pups
We all agreed, that something’s up
Anticipation surely growing
My foster Mommy’s face is glowing
A few days later my new Mom and friend
Began to put my heart on the mend
They drove up North packed me up in the car
And all the way home made me feel like a star
Now I got a chip,. And I got a tag
I got a huge crate with a big down bag
My water’s cold and my food taste great
Got a shadow box fence with a big wood gate
I have a little sister who don’t mind the play
But best of all, I’ve been asked to stay!


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Bailey, Bailey, Handsome Boy

You know your Mommy’s Pride and Joy

You came to me from far away

Two times back is what they say

You were a handful for a time

They walked us through, I made you mine

Bad old habits slowing down

My smile on progress took my frown

It took a village that’s for sure

And when you calmed my love did pour

My anxious wonder “Can I measure?”

Turned into to my finest treasure

Strong love needed I must learn

To make your change, your life to turn

And when it did, It all so clear

You by my side, forever here!


You knew with Ruby, just step back

She here first, was just a fact

You found your love and years of play

Until the day she went away

She left so fast and we were sad

So clear a new red must be had

When Abbey came, you made it clear

“I am the boss, now you are here”


But as top dog your heart was so giving

To teach this pup just how we were living

She needed some help to learn to be here

You shed your big armor, YOUR WORDS RANG SO CLEAR…


“I’ll relearn to wrestle and yes I will play

But know little Red, please don’t get in my way

I’ve been here the longest, my dues I have paid

I write all the stories, I start the new page”


“You don’t handle steps, this makes no sense to me

Just three little hops, it’s as easy can be

Mom can’t get you down, so guess this is my task

With my help and a bark steps were tackled at last

Now let’s get to the yard, you seem a bit shy

When we play and have fun you will see the time fly”

“If you shake on that step you just never will see

This wonderful yard, made for you and for me

There are birds and some cats that we can both chase

Adventures abound, it’s a wonderful place”


“So I’ll wait at the bottom you follow me there

And we’ll wrestle and sniff and we won’t have a care

Mom will be thrilled when you learn to play free

I’ll paw my own back, that was all due to me!”


“Now the rules in the house are a whole other matter

You are never shy there, you are mad as a hatter

You just act so crazy, My Mom has a frown

The hugs come so easy when you just settle down”


“Mom’s order so simple, you need to learn more

Her one major rule is “All four on the Floor”

I know you are joyous when guests wander in

But keeping it gentle is really a win

Kisses and Hugs will surely be given

When you tackle the guide in this house where were livin”


I’m grateful my Bailey for more than you’ll know

For years of the love and support you did show

I thought it was me who was doing it all

Turns out, lots I’ve done have been marked with your paw


It’s so hard to word for you this memorial

It’s just not enough to word a tutorial

So, your memory for me is to say it in ink

From Mom just to you etch a permanent link


Shannon’s tattoo, a shamrock halo above

Ruby Tiara, all covered in love

Now that your gone, awesome love that I found

My love to my boy, shamrock heart upside down.


To everyone who was involved with the best boy ever, Thank you.

Abbey and I are learning to adjust and are going to take a break and

See how we make out this summer.


We will stay in touch.  Laura and Abbey (Missing Shannon, Ruby and Bailey)









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