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Hello everyone, my name is Marley. I was in rescue once before for about a week, a couple of years ago. My owner had put me there because they had to move to where the husband could find work. I was 8 years old. Not part of the move. (Letís see, we take our favorite chair & all the clothes, plates and sheets and pillow cases, lampsÖÖ get the idea!) But one of the family members, she gets rehomed. I was just getting used to being without my favorite person and guess what who shows up to take me home? I guess the move fell through. I knew she loved me and fought to get me back. When all the papers were signed, she swore she would never ever part with me again. Iím going on 11 years old now and I live in western PA. My owner who swore she would never ever give upÖ well what can I say? God didnít give me a voice so the rescue people speak for me. This lady who is now feeding me, taking me to the vets and giving me rides in the van, is now my new MOM. I share my home with 4 brothers all red like me. Iím the only girl other than Mom, in this big old dog friendly house. I also get to meet other dogs when their owners go on vacation. I have so many pillows to pick from to lie on. My new mom stays in contact with my other family. She sends pictures of me all of the time. Mom never questions why people do what they do to their animals and she says she canít really judge them. I guess until we are faced with the problem of giving up your pet for your family, we can never say what we would do. My mom said a lot of tears fell that day when I was handed over to her. I just thought I was going for another ride. I was told I was on vacation and if my other family could ever manage to take me back, Mom would drive me to them. So for now, Iím eating good food, sleeping as long as I want, going out and taking long walks in the yard with my brothersÖ.and even taking naps in the Sun, when it decides to come out here in western Pa. So, I guess you could say Iím on a very nice vacation; Growing Older, Loving my new Life, AND Thanks GTISC for giving me my new family.

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