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The members of the  Golden Triangle Irish Setter club extend their deepest sympathies to Joan Fiser on the loss of her boy "Paddy"
(??? - January 18, 2008). 
Thank you Joan for giving this boy such a good home - May the Shamrocks fall softly for this old boy.


Hello, Iím a rescue Irish Setter, who for the last 2 years of my life have been living at Joanís house. It was a cold February afternoon when a very nice lady named Sandy Fisher, who I stayed with for 2 years, took me on this ride. Before that, I was living on a farm in Ohio. I was taken care of in the beginning then my coat grew matted and I was not fed all the time, but I was a father of many a puppy. I was then put on a chain and left there wondering if they where going to feed me When Irish Setter rescue stepped in, I was a pretty sorry state. Sandy (bless her heart) took me in and tried as she did - no one wanted an old dog. I was quite the talker in the kennel telling my tale of woe to Sandy every time she walked in the kennel. Then it happened. She told me a story about a woman named Joan who lived in Western PA and agreed to give me a life in a home. Sandy said I deserved a better life than living in a kennel. So off I went, on a long ride. When Sandy stopped the van and took me out, there she stood. She was over weight like me and a talker. This will be a great life. 3 hours later we got to our home. It was nice to think my forever home was here without a kennel. I had brothers and sisters that I actually got to run with and lay next to. Joan says Iím built like a line backer I think Iím built like her, short and fat. Now my gray hairs match hers. From being tied to a box and then living in a kennel to this house - life canít get much better than this. Oh, I still talk and its always to ask FEED me. I really canít say how old I am, but Joan thinks Iíve seen quite a few Christmases. But I think itís Christmas everyday living with Joan!

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