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The Halloran Family

Molly     Bailey    Coby



Tim, Ellen, Connor and Maggie Halloran
Pittsburgh, PA

We had decided to add a dog to our family after Tim retired from the Air Force. We knew we wanted to adopt a dog, and started looking on Petfinder. We saw a beautiful male Irish Setter that was in Ohio, so we called about it. That dog had already been adopted by a family, so I told Sue Musil and Pat Jesson to keep us in mind if they had another one available. I had expected that we would get a call months down the road. Just a few weeks later, Sue called and told me that they have an 18 month old girl, but there was one catch -- Her name was Maggie. Maggie is our daughter's name! Our son Connor and I headed out to Ohio to visit Sue and the dog. We fell in love with her the moment we saw her and told Sue that we wanted her in our family. Sue was able to keep her for a few weeks till we returned from our vacation, and the kids and I drove to Ohio just before school started in August of 2007 and adopted "Molly".

Molly has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She is the sweetest dog. She loves curling up on the couch with us, and sunning herself on the deck. She loves chasing chipmunks and going on long walks. We are so fortunate to be her forever home, and our lives are better because of her!



Introducing a new family member "Bailey"  arrived from the Irish Setter Club of Ohio rescue and joins "Molly". 

Joan Fiser said they are like potato chips ... It's hard to have just one. She was referring to Irish Setter rescues. We have had Molly for almost 3 years and had been toying with the idea of adopting another Setter from rescue for a while. I had been watching the Oscars a few weeks back, and there must have been an ad on for animal adoption. I wandered over to my computer to check Petfinder, wondering if there were any Irish Setters on it. Sure enough, the 2nd dog on the list was a 3 year old small female named Maggie. It all was so familiar ... Back when we adopted Molly, her name was Maggie (we had to change it because our daughter's name is Maggie), and she was a small, young setter. And she was from Irish Setter Rescue of Ohio, where Maggie #2 was. The next day I placed a call and talked to Pat Jesson, then Sue Musil, and they thought it would be a nice fit. A week or so later, Molly and I drove out to Cleveland to meet her. She was such a sweet little thing, and she and Molly got along great. The kids didn't know I was thinking about another dog, so I surprised them with her :) It was love at first sight, and Maggie #2 had found her forever home. She ended up in rescue because she was neglected and was skin and bones when she went into foster care. She spent 7 months with Marie Ochocki, her foster mom, who brought her back to a healthy weight.

She fits in perfectly here. She and Molly love to run around and play. They take naps on the couch and sun themselves on the deck. We think "Bailey" feels as lucky to have us as we feel to have her!

Coby, rescued, owned and loved by the Halloran family
 Tim, Ellen, Conor ad Maggie



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