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Tula gets a forever home in an around about way!

While finishing up my shift in a veterinary hospital, on a sunny, fall afternoon, in the front door walks a family with a little red puppy, asking to have her scanned for a micro chip.  The couple claimed they found her out on a back road in Upper Burrell near their country home.  They wanted to know if she belonged to someone.  After scanning her to find out she had no chip, next was what to do with her.  Being that I had two Irish Setters of my own, I was instantly drawn to her.  I said people don’t throw out pure bred dogs like this.  The family then became very interested in her.  I gave them my name and number and told them to call me if they decided not to keep her.

I remember speaking with some local lady who was connected with Irish setters and thought she may have some leads of anyone with litters on the ground currently.  What a small world things turn out to be. After another call made by Deb Lawrence we come to realize that this pup had gotten away from her original owners once before and Irish setter rescue people had tried to help these people with a pup they couldn’t handle.  They must have given up and she got away from them again.  They ran an ad in local paper waiting 10 days for someone to claim her.   Nothing

 This is where Tula came back to me the second time.  Deb and the rescue people brought her into my office for a check up and vaccinations.  I once again was working.  I took my male, “Brody “, to see what he would think about having a sister.  He loved her and she was afraid of him.  Working in veterinary medicine for 21 plus years I have seen a lot of things, but could never imagined that my favorite breed of dog would be dropped on my lap.  It was like it was meant to be.  I named her “Tula”.

Tula has come to live at our home.  She has found her forever home with the Fannin’s and their other Irish setters, “Keegan” who is 9, and “Brody” is 4.  I have always had 2 Irish in my life since I was a child be never thought I would have three. I believe she was sent there that day for a reason, and we’re happy to call her a part of our family.

Special thanks to Deb Lawrence for taking a chance on the Fannin’s, being the first placement for her being involved in rescue, and the best choice for us.

"Tula” is forever a Fannin where red hair is a must!

 P.S.   She is really a daddy’s girl. Thank you from Dad too, Deb!

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